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Saving Lives, one litter at a time. Located in Roseburg, OR and serving all of Douglas County.

The Umpqua Valley Humane Society was Founded in 1953
We are the first animal welfare organization in Douglas County. There was no shelter facility for the county at the time and the members, using their own money built the animal shelter over the years.  When I first became a member we put in a new heating system.  We are also the only people who paid for the property that Saving Grace is located on.  We deed it to Saving Grace.

​Since the beginning we followed the guidelines set forth by the state of Oregon making our meetings and financial records available to the public at every meeting.  If you go to the governments web site on non-profit organizations you can see that we had no overhead from 1653 until 2007.  In February of 2007 we opened a Thrift Shoppe.  The primary reason for the shoppe was to give the Humane Society a location and a telephone number.  For 20 years the phone has rung in my kitchen and I don't plan on living forever.  The shoppe has one paid employee, rent, utilities and insurance as overhead.  Our newsletter, postage, telephone and advertising are donated by members.  The Humane Society gets private donations by way of the little yellow dog banks you see around town.  We receive no government money and no grant money.

The Humane Society assists with the cost of spaying and neutering of dogs, cats and pocket pets for everyone who calls that meet our criteria.  The criteria being that animals be fully vaccinated, before having a major abdominal surgery.  Surgery lowers the resistance to disease, parvo and distemper are at epidemic numbers in Douglas County.  We assist with emergency medical care for everyone who calls.  The criteria there being that if an animal has not been altered at the time of the call, it will be altered at our expense before going home.  There are currently no veterinarian clinics who will take in a pet without money up front so this service is crucial.

The Humane Society educates in the schools in conjunction with Animal Control and since doing so the incidence of animal abuse and neglect among young people has been reduced in the county, by 77%.  We take pets into nursing homes and in the past the VA Hospital.   We have purchased bullet proof vests for all of the K-9 units in the county and we purchased oxygen masks for dogs, for all of the fire departments.  Cats are able to use infant masks.  We assist with adoptions.  People call looking for a dog and others call looking for a good home for their dog and we try to match them up.  All dogs we assist with, must be free of charge.  We don't help people sell dogs.  They must all be spayed or neutered at our expense before going to their new home.

All calls from people looking for a cat are referred to the SPCA thrift shop or Saving Grace.  We have placed many dogs in local nursing home and hospitals, they are discovering the value of allowing animals in their facilities 

We provide free dog and cat food at our thrift shoppe if criteria is meet.    

We support 4-H and Umpqua Wildlife Rescue with monetary donations. We support the Sutherlin Dog Park and pay all the vet bills for Making Connections. We purchased three car thermometer guns for animal control. We have spayed and neutered the 12 page waiting list for the SPCA. We donate food to the feral cat committee. We have paid over $5,000 in emergency vet care for animals from Saving Grace in the last five years. For the past 6 years we have paid for an ad in the Furry Tail Times to benefit Saving Grace. We pay for continuing education for the Animal Control Officers because the county will not. I think last year the cost was $800 per officer and at the time there were three officers.

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The Umpqua Valley Humane Society is not having monthly meetings due To Covid. Date will be posted when we resume our meetings. 

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Time, is not on their side. 

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